Places for Kid-Scientists

At this site you will be able to find links to lots of fun science sites,
where you can learn about how and why things work,. ENJOY!!!

Weather Links

NASA: For kids only: earth science enterprise Learn about how scientists study air, land, water, natural hazards as well as how people affect the earth in this NASA site called Earth Science Enterprise You can also find games, activities, and teacher helps
T"he The Weather Dude is a weather education site especially for kids, parents and teachers, featuring national TV meteorologist, Nick Walker. Here you will find weather basics, songs, stuff for kids to do, books about weather for kids to read, and oodles more

Earth Sciences Links

Zoom Astronomy Zoom Astronomy is a comprehensive on-line site about space and astronomy for people of all ages. Here you will find links to information about the planets, the solar system, classroom activities and a variety of other subjects such as astronauts, geology, the water cycle and much more
solar system activities Learn about the solar system, the sun, the planets, comets asteroid and stars on this comprehensive on-line site. Also included are classroom activities and fun stuff such as finding out what you would weigh on another planet
solar system coloring book ThisSolar System Coloring Book includes coloring pages of all the planets and comets
disaster preparedness coloring book Here you will find a coloring book about disaster preparedness. Parents can help you to download and print any of the pages so that you can color them. (Parents note: This is a pdf file and you will need Adobe Acrobat to load it)
FEMA for Kids . This site teaches you how to be prepared for disasters and how you can prevent disasters by taking action now! You can also learn what causes disasters, play games, read stories and become a Disaster Action Kid.
National This site by National Geographic for Kids has activities such as games, making your own cartoon, a geo-bee challange to see if you REALLY know you geography (which you can alsdo order on CD ROM), and ideas of things you can do to amaze your friends!

Life Sciences Links

Your gross and cool body This is a fun site where kids can learn about the body, worms, roaches and other "yucky" life science subjects in a fun way. There are games to play and experiments to do. Learn about the hjuman body and answer questions such as "Why do we burp"
Agricultural Research service Click on the bee or the tractor or the fish or the satellite--or anything else that turns your cursor into a pointing finger. Sci4Kids is a series of stories about what scientists do here at the Agricultural Research Service, or ARS. There are stories about plants, transportation, farm animals, the environment and much more.
Zoom Dinosaurs Zoom dinosaurs is a comprehensive on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs. it is designed for students of all ages. You can find out about dinosaurs, print out pictures and much more

Physical Sciences Links

Machines Experiments This site contains a series of experiments about simple machines: levers, wheels and inclined planes. The experiments are designed for use by third graders but can be adapted.
Energy and science projects At this site you will find a listing of a number of science projects and energy activities for students from K-12. Each of them have a short description on this page and then a link to the actual activity. Some activity sheets will need to be downloaded or printed with your Web browser software. Some activities require help from an adult. Check first with your teacher or parent before doing a project.

Miscellaneous Science Links

La Habra Children's Museum Here is the website to a place our children go for field trips: the La Habra Children's Museum. You can take a virtual tour of this fun, hands on museum and view such things as the bee observatory, the Dino Dig, the Shadow wall and more.
Bill Nye the Science guy Bill Nye the Science guy is a fun site will oodles of ideas for interactive science activities
Miami Museum of Science-One Hundred Jelly Beans Think of all the fun things you can do with JELLYBEANS!!! This site from the Miami Museum of Science gives you all sorts of ideas of things to do with jellybeans. science games This absolutely fabulous site has science games on a variety of topics such as space, oceanography, dinosaurs, the body and more. there also online games and puzzles as well as a page for teachers. Definitely worth a look!!!!
Newton's Apple: at-home experiments This page will link you to a wide variety of experiments that you can try at home. Click on any of the science try-its links to earn how to make a paperclip float, make a barometer, draw faces on marshmallows as well as lots of other experiments. KIDS!!!! PLEASE DO THESE EXPERIMENTS WITH YOUR PARENTS!!!
Magic Schoolbus activity Page On this page you can find the Magic School Bus Activity lab. You can match habitats, follow mazes, find Miss Frizzle in outer space, print out coloring pages and lots more.
Science4Kids Find out about plants, insects, the water cycle, the environment, chemistry, science stories at th is jam packed Science4Kids site
Official Bubbles Homepage This is the site of the the Bubblesphere, the official bubbles homepage. Here, you can get your questions about bubbles answered, find different kinds of bubble solutions, play games and much more
Official Bubbles Homepage If the above site isn't enough for you, here is another bubbles page jam packed with lots of fun activites to try
Ooey, Gooey Recipes At this site you will find Ooey, Gooey Recipes for the Classroom (includes anything you might imagine)
Do it Yourself Science At this site you will find Kids do it yourself science, which includes links to a wide variety of science activities
Questacon on-line science activities Explore the fun and excitement of science and technology with these funzone on-line activities. Included are experiments with motion, saound, making secret messages, shadows and light and much more.

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