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On this page you will be able to find lots of resources, lesson plans, as well as information to help you put together a complete unit about
Ocean Animals

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Ocean Sites
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Information Resources About Ocean Plants and Animals
Link to Ocean Animal Printouts This site, called Ocean Animal Printouts is an information source for a wide variety of sea creatures. Click on the picture of the animal and you will find a printable line drawing that children can color as well as information about the anatomy, habitat and diet of the animal chosen. This site is worth a visit and should be bookmarked!!
Information about ocean animals If you scroll down to the bottom of this page,(similar to the one above) you will be able to access a lot of information resources about ocean life including such subjects as: what causes waves, what causes tides, why is the ocean blue, information about sharks and whales, and more.
Ask Jeeves about ocean animals This "ask Jeeves" site provides children with information about Sea Mammals. Find out about whales, seals, walruses, manatees, otters, and dolphins. Includes pictures and some sound files
coral and coral reefs This Sea World Education Department Resource Page provides information about Corals and Coral Reefs The information covers such topics as anatomy, physical characteristics, habitat, conservation issues and more. Also included is a list of books about corals and coral reefs for young readers
fish facts Is there anything you always wanted to know about fish, crabs, lobsters or other ocean life? This site: Fish Facts:is an excellent resource for a student doing an ocean report, for a teacher planning a lesson on fish, or simply for anyone who just wants to know.
New England Aquarium The Website of the New England Aquarium is an awesome site. Take a virtual helicopter tour or go on a virtual whale watch. Learn fun facts about ocean life, try some fun at-home projects. Do ocean research at the teacher resource Center or the Aquarium Library. Follow postings about the growth of baby penguins and more.
Ocean Animals This site provides information about a variety ofOcean Animals: Clicking on any of the links will take you to a page that tells you about classificationn information and several informative paragraphs about habitat and appearance of the animal. Site includes buautiful pictures from the Multimedia Animals Encyclopedia.
starfish button: link to Ask Jake the Sea Dog If you have a question, any question about sea creatures, you might be able to find the answer here. Ask Jake the Sea Dog is a "form" site where you can write in specific questions about sea creatures. "Jake" will respond with an answer via e-mail
Introduction to Sharks This interactive site, from the Ocean of Know, is an Introduction To Sharks. Learn about different kinds of sharks, their anatomy and physiology, and more. Also included is a lesson plan on sharks and an experiment on bouyancy. If you want to know anything about sharks, this site is worth a visit.
Seaworld Animal Information Database This very comprehensive site provided by Seaworld.org provides information on many different kinds of animals. There are research projects, fun activities for kids, teacher resources, songs and a variety of education resources available for purchase. This is a site that should be bookmarked
Sharks Here is another informative site aboutSharks. There is a table that contrasts sharks and fish, information about anatomy and varieties of sharks, about diet and teeth, and much, much more. There are information sheets and printout pages available on many different varieties of sharks
Seals, Sea Lions and Walruses This K-3 teacher's guide provides information All About Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses. It describes who they are, where they live, and what they eat. There are a number of lessons and activities and a book list.
Ocean: A Watery World This curriculum unit onThe Ocean: A Watery Worldprovides lessons and activities on the atmosphere, storms, climate, sea life, and balancing the ecosystem.

Children's Literature About Ocean Creatures
link to Treasures at Sea Treasures at Sea: Exploring the Ocean through literature is a site that utilizes such activities as books, writing, art activities, and on-line interactive activities to teach children about ocean life.
books, poems and activities This teaching site Under the Sea lists a number of books (you can order them here if you want), several poems and activities that can be done in the classroom.
Carol Hurst's Literature Ocean Page Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Ocean page lists a number of books about the ocean. A brief synopsis of each book is included. By clicking on the hyperlinks you can order any of the books listed here. At the bottom of the page you can also find links to several ocean related areas on the internet.
Ocean Unit-Swimmy and other books This is a literature lesson plan on Children's Books about the Ocean. This lesson is geared for younger children

Ocean Math Activities
printable counting sheet Geared for younger children, this is a printable page of Sea Life Math
Math  Activities This site offers a number of Ocean math activites for young children

Ocean Songs and Fingerplays
in and around water poems From Can Teach here is a page of In and Around Water Poems
Sea World Songs At this site you can find SeaWorld Songs(songs that help in learning about sealife). There is also a list of books about sea animals
Sailor went to Sea Sea Sea From the Kididdles music site, here is the song, both melody and lyrics:A Sailor Went To Sea Sea Sea
Ocean Songs and Fingerplays At theis site, you can find a number ofOcean Songs and Fingerplays set to familiar tunes
fish poems Here are some more Fish Poems:for young learners
5 Little tunafish Once again, from Kididdles, here is the songFive Little Tunafish. Lyrics and melody are included.
more watery poems Here are someMore In and Around Water Poemsfor your enjoment.

Lesson Plans and Thematic Units
exploring the sea lesson plans ThisUnder the Sealesson plan targets 4-5th graders. It is worth reviewing for younger children because of the information and photographs of marine life.
Fish Tank The Fish Tank: Is a very comprehensive learning site that includes: lesson plan, activities, games and other resources. Definitely worth bookmarking!
>Collaborative ocean unit This Collaborative thematic unit can be presented as a school wide theme or for an individual class. It is divided up into sections allowing the teacher to pick and choose to fit their needs. Using this unit, students can study the oceans and seas of the world, the animal life that swims in them and the countries that border them.
Ocean Lesson Plans Learn about fish, mookusks, enchinoderms and endangered ocean animals in this Under The Sea Unit unit. Also included is teacher resource information for teaching the unit.
whales unit This Whales Thematic Unit provides a thematic unit for cooperative learning across an integrated curriculum which is an interactive resource for teachers, students and parents. It was designed as a model unit for educators, students and parents to demonstrate the use of the WWW as an educational resource.
Whales unit In this K-3 unit on whales, students can explore whales and expand their knowledge of whales to include different types of whales, whale behavior, whale communication and whale preservation.
A to Z Ocean Lesson Plans A to Z teacher Stuff has lesson plans, printable pages, songs, poetry and resource links for lessons with an ocean theme
Ocean Planet From The Ocean Planet, provided by the Smithsonian institute, this site is a resource for teacher materal, lesson plans, fact sheets, family activities, children's books, scripts and CD roms. Another bookmarkable site.
Compilation of ocean ideas At this site you will find a compilation of ocean ideas. There are dozens of creative ideas for art projects and activities to create a classroom "under the sea"
Thematic Ocean unit This kindergarten classroom website has a completeIntegrated thematic unit on ocean life. You can find language arts, science, math, songs and fingerplays, games, as well as links to ocean resources on-line.
Ocean Project This beautifully put together 2nd grade Ocean Project includes photographs and information about whales, dolphins, fish, sharks, octopi, and turtles. A sound file is included so you can hear a whale song.
ocean and science unit This early education site have a number ofscience activities and experiments, including several that relate to the ocean. A very good site.

Games and Activites Units
Ocean games and activities At this site you can find a number of Ocean Games And Activities for young children, including: catch the fish, pass the shark, unnderwater tic tac toe and more
octopus tag These are the rules to a fun PE activity called Octopus Tag
assorted ocean games This site is a compilation of Ocean games for young children
Magic school bus games on-line Ride the Magic School Bus on a field trip to the beach and check out the tough life of a crab. Scuttle around the sand picking up tasty little clams, but beware of the birds who eat crab for dinner. There are holes in the sand that offer brief respite, but in this game what goes down must come up. Be prepared to pop out of the ground and waddle for dear life! Numerous levels make for hours of play, and even the biggest "kids" will find this entertaining. For another download from MSB Explores the Ocean, try "Sand Castle Builder"(link is available on this site)

Ocean Art Activities
art activities This Under the sea adventures site provides a number of fun lessons, songs and art activites geared for younger children.
Craft ideas This a i page with a number of fun Under The Sea Craftssuch as a paper octopus, a picture frame, puffer fish, woven felt fish. paper turle, and others.
Swimmy At this site you will find some Storybook Art activities based on the book Swimmy
diorama At this site you will find the directions for Making an Ocean Diorama
ocean art Here is another page of Ocean Art Activitiesfor young children.
pieplate fish Here you weill find a kinderart activity page with instruction on how to make a Pie Plate Fish
more art activites Do you want to make an edible ocean? maybe so bubble fish, or starfish using cheerios. this early education site has a number of fun ocean art activites for you and you children to try. http://www.kinderart.com/littles/undersea.htm
making undersea environment Make the classroom into anUndersea Environment using this site as a guide

Live Video Cams
penguin cam At this site you can acces a stream video of theSea World Penguin Cam. It's fun to watch the penguins engage in their antics. The download it provided on the site if you need it.
shark cam From the Waikiki Aquarium, here is a Shark Cam. Also included is some information about sharks. In addition, you can find out about the camaera used to film the sharks and how it works.
Pacific Ocean Cam This camera doe not show video. Rather, it takes peiodic photos of the Pacific Ocean for you to view.
fish cam Go to this site to see a Live fish cam video feed.< There are also some beautiful photographs of the fish that you will be able to see included on the page, with a description of each.

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