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On our field trip, Arbolita's entire first grade class (around 140 children plus 20 adult teachers and chaperones) boarded a train to Los Angeles. When we arrived in Los Angeles we explored Olvera Street, visited some museums and the Metropolitan Water district. We all ate lunch together in the plaza across from Union Station. For many of our children this was their first experience riding a train. When we got back to school we were all tired, but we agreed that we'd had a WONDERFUL day!!!!

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Here are some pictures of the highlights of our Field Trip
waiting for the train We took the bus to the train stain. Here we are waiting for the train to arrive.
The train is coming into the station!!! We are S-O-O-O-O excited. Many of us have never been on a train before. train arriving
boarding the train Here we are getting on board the train. It is a double decker.
The smiles say it all!!! We are having so much fun!! 6 smiling kids
Happy 1st graders Here's some more happy, excited 1st graders!
We aren't asking, "Are we there yet?" because we are too busy enjoying ourselves. enjoying ourselves
creating memories Many of us have not ridden on a train before. We are creating memories!!!!!
Hey Mom!!! When's the next field trip going to be? hey mom!
on Olvera Street We got to explore Olvera Street, which is where Los Angeles began. There were outdoor stores that sold lots of Mexican items. We visited some historic buildings that are now museums. The wonderful smells from the restaurants made us hungry. Mrs. Adams gave us M & M's to tide us over.
We made a quick stop to take a group photo on a cart on Olvera Street. group photo on a cart
singing When we lined up for a picture we started a spontaneous rendition of "Salute to the Flag." We do a lot of singing in Mrs. Dunkerley's class.
All that walking made us very hungry. We ate our lunch together in the Plaza. We shared our food and helped each other clean up.
looking in the lily pond Mrs. Adams' husband works for the Metropolitan Water District. We took a tour of a museum there and we were given a bag of information and goodies to take home. Here you see us looking at coy fish in the lily pond. We also saw a hummingbird in the trees above the pond.
All too soon it is time to head home. Here we are walking through the tunnels in Union Station to catch our train. Union Station
all aboard We are all a little tired but are still excited to be riding on a train again.
This was so-o-o much fun. Can we do it again? How about Friday, Mrs. Dunkerley? Let's do it again

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