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     Sign language is the language that deaf use to communicate with one
     another and how the hearing can comminicate weffectively with the deaf

     I have also found it a helpful and fun tool for teaching vocabulary to my
     second language learners. We sign the alphabet; we sign words; we sign
     songs, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

     On this page you will find a number sign language links that I have found
      while searching the web. Use them to learn the alphabet, words, and to
      learn more about the deaf community.  I hope they will be helpful and
      enjoyable to you. I will be adding to this page regularly as I learn more
      about ASL, so please come back often.

(If you have any suggestions, or ideas that would improve this site, please e-mail me and let me know.)

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The Alphabet and fingerspelling
This is a great site for you to begin your adventure with ASL. Here, you can see each letter of the manual alphabet demonstrated for you. Once you think you have the letters mastered, you can either write in any word you would like to see fingerspelled or take a quiz online. Watch it though; the words can be challenging.
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American Sign Language
Here you will find line drawings of the manual alphabet, each accompanied by a description of each signed letter. Also here you will find a link to Gallaudet University, and to a site where you can purchase a variety of products specifically designed for the deaf and hard of hearing.
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The Animated American Sign Language Dictionary
This site was designed to help us learn more about ASL and about the deaf community. You can learn about the history of ASL, find answers to frequently asked questions about sign language, articles of interest about the deaf, businesses and services available for the deaf, linlks to other sites and educational resources. There is also an animated dictionary that shows the signs for words for you to learn and practice.
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Cindy's Homepage on ASL and Deaf culture
This page was put together by an interpreter. It provides insights on the deaf culture, ASL and interpreting. Also included are resources including laws pertaining to the deaf, vocabulary, relevant books and links to other deaf and hard of hearing sites.
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Sign Language resources
This is a jam-packed site related to a search engine that will link you to many other ASL sites, dictionaries, resources, video, on-line, and CD ROM sources you can use to learn sign language.
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Funbrain manual alphabet games
This funbrain kids' site is a multilevel game where you must identify the correct meanings of signs. It includes 2 games where you can practice the alphabet and numbers.
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GG Wiz's Finger Speller
The best way to master fingerspelling is to practice it. This extentive site has lots of activities to help you do just that. You can write in a phrase to see how it is fingerspelled or you can let the wizard choose a phrase for you to decipher. You can also adjust the speed as you become more adept at reading the spelling. Then, go on to play some games using ASL signs. It's a fun way to learn. Also on this site is a link to send sign language greeting cards. This site in one to bookmark!!!
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Handspeak: A Sign Language Dictionary On-line
This sign language dictionary is an exhaustive resource. It includes a alphabetized word bank, a word of the day, signed stories that can be viewed if you have a high speed connection, pages of information about sign language and about deaf culture, books and videos to buy and much, much more!!
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Purple Princess's ASL links
This is a fun site full of resources. You can find download fonts and am ASL learning program, you can enter a chatroom, you can learn the signs for a number of songs and you can go to a page that contains nearly 400 links to ASL related pages!!!!   Be sure to bookmark this page!
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Sign/hear communication center. ASL Dictionary
This is a sign language dictionary that is organized by category. Click on the buttons on the bottom of the page to access the next sign.
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Sign Writing
Sign writing is a means by which you can read, write and learn sign language. It is a visual and fun way to lean signs. You can find lessons, and a catologue from which you can order books, cards, flashcards, videos, dictionaries and more.
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American Sign Language Browser
Using quiktime movies, this online American Sign Language (ASL) browser is a place where you can look up video of thousands of ASL signs and learn interesting things about them. It is very helpful for those of us who are learning to sign and need to visualize and review
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Family Homepage
This beautifully put-together web page is a reflexion of one family's journey into the world of the deaf and hard of hearing. They frankly and honestly discuss their discovery that their child was deaf as well as their adjustments to this reality. The site also provides many resources including:
  • history and development of deaf education
  • insights on deaf culture
  • deaf support groups
  • resource books
  • links to deaf sites
This site is definitely one to look at and bookmark, especially if, as a hearing person, you want to gain a better understanding to the deaf.
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