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Our Daily Schedule

This schedule is subject to change at a moment's notice

Early Group Arrives
This is our early reading block Our curriculum is Open Court and includes:
  • Reading Strategies
  • Riggs Spalding for sounds
  • Guided reading
  • Making words activities
  • Dictation and writing.
In this small group setting we are able to do some intense reading development with the children.
We try to provide the children with as much of a multisensory exposure to phonics strategies as we are able
Late Group Arrives
Roll, Lunch count, journals, daily oral language, daily oral math, daily geography, check of homework.(activities vary from day to day) The main goal for this time segment is to have the children writing as much as possible. Writing is one of our district goals this year.
Flag salute,(we are learnin g to say is in sign language) patriotic song, Calendar activities including such things as: month, day, date, year, yesterday, today, tomorrow, odd/even, weather, number of days in school, place value, tallying, counting, more/less/ most, left/right. above/below and math symbols such as < > + and -.
(on Thursdays we go to the library during this block)
this time block is also an opportunity to help those children who are struggling with any aspect of their work
On Mondays we go to the computer lab during this block.
On Tuesdays through Fridays: we have rotations. The children are placed in groups and are involved in various activities that reinforce what we are already learning in class. This includes such things as:
  • guided reading
  • games to reinforce spelling or sight words
  • math activities
  • Computer activities
  • Listening center
  • Library
  • ...and much more
During this block we read our Scholastic stories, emphasizing the various things we need to look for in stories, such as author, illustrator, setting, plot, theme, problem, solution and much more. We also learn grammar, and do lots of writing activites
11:55 Lunch and recess
Oral Language
During this block we recite poems and chants that we are learning, or we do our Hampton Brown Oral language development activities.
During this block we do our Saxon Math activities. We review our math facts daily and the children are quizzed almost every day on their mastery of those math facts. A new concept is taught daily and we do a guided practice activity sheet together in class. The other side of the paper is sent home as homework.
On Wednesdays we do Excel Math instead, which reinforces what we are learning in a slightly different way.
During this block we read a story together. The early group prepares to go home
1:55 Early group goes home and Recess for the late group
Late Group
During this block we do with the late group pretty much the same things that we do in the morning, but at a faster pace.


On Wednesdays we fit in other activities. During this day we include Social Studies, Science, Art and Music into our day. The entire class arrives at 8:30 AM and everyone goes home at 2:10
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