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Birds, Birds, Birds...information...links...lesson plans..and more

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Here is a one-stop site where you can find a lot of resources, information and lesson plans for birds of all species

General birds sites

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BirdTalk magazine BirdTalk Magazine is an on-line magazine dedicated to better care of pet birds. There are numerous articles about birds. Also included here is a profile of a different bird species every week.
Introduction to the AVE's Introduction to the AVEs is a very informative web site that provides comprehensive information about birds, including information about different species and historical information dating back to the mesozoic era. There are also some links to other good birds sites. This site is probably more appropriate for older students.
Ducks of the World Ducks of the World is a truly remarkable site that gives information about a variety of species of ducks including where in the world they can be found, where they nest, where they winter, when and how many eggs they lay. Also included are photographs of each species of ducks and links to other waterfowl sites. Lastly you will find a comprehensive bibliography
Ducks Unlimited Ducks Unlimited is an informative website dedicated to the conservation of habitats of waterfowl. You will find interesting information about ducks and geese, their breeding grounds, migration patterns, conservation measures and more. There is also a new kids section. If you are interested in showing videos in the classroom, Ducks Unlimited Film Library has free rental videos for schools. Click here to rent videos about ducks
Electronic Resources on Ornithology Electronic Resources on Ornithology is a resource page with links to literally hundreds of sites about birds. This one is definitely worth bookmarking.
Nature Notes Nature Notes is an informative site that gives information about a variety of ducks, geese and other animals that inhabit the marshes. An interesting note: you can download sound files of actual ducks quacking and birds singing. This site is worth a look!
Hans Christian Andersen The author of the The Ugly Duckling, the most endearing tale about ducks of all, Hans Christian Andersen, is featured at this website. Also included are on-line versions of several of the 168 published tales by this creative and wonderful writer
Coveside Conservation products Coveside conservation products is a site where you can obtain wooden birdhouses, bird feeders, bat houses, butterfly houses and other wildlife product that will attract these animals to your own back yard.
Journey North Journey Northis a site that classroom teachers can use to monitor sightings of robins as they journey north in the springtime. Included are lesson plans, discussion ideas, teacher tips, and daily updates of sightings of the birds.
At this site you can find a listing of the State birds of each state in the United states. When you click on the link you will find detailed information as well as a picture of each bird. This is a great site for students doing state reports.
Here is an enjoyable andinformative website that provides information about HummingbirdsLearn all about these tiny birds, how to attract them to your yard, and where you can sight them.
The Eagle page from rocky mountain high contains links to many sites about eagles including: facts about eagles, information about eagle preserves in the United States and throughout the world, eagle cams, and much, much more.
This is aFirst Grade Site that describes a bird unit. Includes how the lesson was put together, the research done, and lesson plans