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Whether you are a brand new teacher or a veteran, here is a place where you can find all sorts of ideas, resources, organizational techniques, links, lesson plans and more to help you get off to a great start in the new school year.

Getting Prepared

link to The Best Back to School Site EverThe Best Back to School Site Ever is an awesome site that has tips on how to set up a room, ideas for first day activities, center ideas, bulletin board suggestions, poems and more. Be sure to check out and bookmark this very thorough site!

back to school suggestions
Back to school poems, some history about why we have school in the first place, suggestions including school supplies, organization, nutrition, show and tell, and several inspirational writings are found at this awesome
Back to School Site presented by There's No Page Like Home for the Holidays.

lots of back to school linksFrom room preparation,to lesson planning to first day ideas and activities, classroom management, icebreakers and, yes even what to do on the 2nd through fifth day, this one stop site of back to school links is one you will definitely need to bookmark

ALL STAR Back to SchoolGET READY, GET SET, GO for an "All Star" Back to School. This site has suggest-
ions on how to set up, suggestions to make the first days go smoothly and links to other valuable beginning of year sites to help you get totally organized.

Works4Me management suggestionsSeating charts, room layout, and the actual attendance-taking process are all laid out here at this Works4Me site to help you make a smooth transition in that first week back to school.

bulletin board ideas This bulletin board ideas site is loaded with creative suggestions from teachers, and has an archive at the bottom of the page with 50 more suggestions. Several photos of the finished bulletin boards are included to help you visual- ize the outcome.

lots and lots of back to school tipsTo help you out even before you set foot in the classroom, read some of the numerous organizational tips offered at this Works4Me site. Experienced teachers offer ideas for lesson plans, grading, student organization, class participation, rewards, keeping students busy.

Your room is set up and the children are about to arrive for their first day of school. For the KinderKorner Website comes a first day checklistthat includes ALL the details that you may (or may not) have already thought about. A valuable tool for new and not-so-new teachers.

Here on this KinderKorner page you will find many valuable suggestions on how to set up a classroom: from what to do on your walls to the different work areas throughout the room, from what the individual childrens need at their desks to graphic organizers and centers.

First Day Activities

ice breakersAlthough this particular site probably includes activities that are more appropriate for a slightly older audience, this site is full of Ice Breakers and Energizers: or Back
to School activities that are just plain fun****

more ice breakersHere is another site jam packed full of ice breakers generated from the 1998 SWE National Student Conference. Here you will find many ice breakers you can use for both older and younger children

first day activities OK.. so the first day of school has finally arrived... your room is ready, the children are about to arrive...what are you going to do now? This site gives lots of suggestions for activities to fill that first school day

101 things to doFrom the Teaching and Learning Center at the University of Nebraska come a site that will give you101 things you can do during the 1st three weeks of school It includes making transitions, encouraging active learning, building community and more.

I'm a Star glyphHere's a little twist on the "All About Me" activities that help us get to know our students in the beginning of the year. In this "I'm a Star Glyph" children color a glyph and use the glyph's characteristics to describe themselves. It also makes a great bulletin board addition.

lessons and literatureThis Back to School site has a list of books that are appropriate for back to school, linked to a site where you can purchase them, a number of first day activities suitable for first graders, including a watermelon unit, as well as links to several other back to school sites.

K-1 literature,lessons and acxtivitiesHere you will find a very complete Back to School Unit. Included are a list of books to read, several poems and songs that are appropriate for the fist days of school, a a variety of fun activities designed to assess children's knowledge of letters, shapes, names recognition and more. A MUST for Kindergarten and First grade teachers

At this site you will find an article that examines critical issues we deal with in the first week of classes, and how we might treat them to keep ourclasses focused and enthusiastic throughout the year.

On this KinderKorner page you can findBack to School Songs and Poems contributed by teachers on the listserv, plus suggestions from the teachers on how these songs and poems. There are also links that will enable you to buy some good beginning of year books.

lots and lots of back to school tipsThis is a page you really need to bookmark!! From the KinderKorner website, comes a page that gives several examples of daily classroom schedules.Scroll to the bottom of the pager for even more ideas, materials and activities for the classroom

first day activities

Management Helps

GradekeeperThis free download of Gradekeeper will allow you to keep track of students' grades, assignments, attendance -- and many other items throughout the whole year.

ThinkwaveHere is another choice for a free downloadable grade keeping program. will enable you to record grades, make seating plans, make calendars and it links to a site that parents can access on-line.

Behavior managementBehavior management is critical to running a classroom smoothly. Order, respect and trust in the classroom are the key issues addressed it this site, and indeed, provide a good place to start. Also included are suggestions for noise control, safety issues and methods for transforming behavior.

11 techniques for classroom discipline At this site you will find 11 TECHNIQUES FOR BETTER CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE These eleven very helpful techniques offer top-notch advice and methods. They have been adapted from, "A Primer on Classroom Discipline Principles Old and New".

more ice breakers If you are a new teacher, you might still be developing your management strategies. This site provides advice and links that can help you develop and establish your own appproach and practices to classroom discipline.This is an especially great site for those who might feel a bit daunted by the whole topic of classroom management.

At this link you will find the BERKELEY COMPENDIUM OF TEACHING WITH EXCELLENCE Take your time in using this resource, since it covers so many topics. Included here are: encouraging class dis-
cussion, summarizing major points, giving interesting assign-
ments, relating to students. Although originally written for post-secondary instructors, this material can be adjusted to the grade level you yourself deal with.

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