Martin Luther King Poems


On the third Monday in January, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. Here you will find some poems that can help us to remember this very special man whose life and beliefs have made such a difference for all of us!!!

A Dream Can Come True

Martin Luther King had a dream
For people everywhere.
He wanted them to get along
And show how much they care
By helping one another
And by always being fair.
So remember Martin Luther King
And help his dream come true
By always treating others
As you'd want them to treat you.

Dr. King's Dream

Treat people kindly
Do what is fair
Work for all people
Show that you care
These are the ways
If we work as a team
To remember the man
Who said, "I have a dream."

Freedom Freedom
Twinkle Twinkle

Freedom, feedom, let it ring
"Let it ring" said Dr. King

Let us live in harmony.
Peace and love for you and me.

Freedom, freedom, let it ring
"Let it ring" said Dr. King

Little Martin Luther King
Author unknown

Little Martin Luther King
sat in church one day,
listening to his father preach
and listening to him pray.
"One day I'll talk like that" he said,
"And say those big words too",
"I'll make folks feel good inside"
Little Martin's words came true.

Martin Luther King Had a Dream
by Susan Paprocki

Martin Luther King had a dream,
Yes, he did.
Martin Luther King had a dream,
Indeed, he did.
He dreamed we'd live as brothers
Having love for one another,
And his dream is still alive through you and me.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Meish Goldish

Dr. King wished,
Dr. King prayed
That one day all people
Would live unafraid.

Dr. King cared
For blacks and for whites
He wanted for all people
To share equal rights.

Martin Luther King Day
Myra Cohn Livingston

The dream
of Martin Luther King
will happen
in some far-off Spring

when winter ice
and snow are gone.
One day, the dreamer
in gray dawn

will waken
to a blinding night
where hawk and dove
in silent flight

brush wings together
on a street
still thundering
with ghostly feet

And soul will dance
and soul will sing
and march with
Martin Luther King.

Click here for Dr. Martin Luther king's "I Have a Dream" Speech


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